Milky Bitch for Pregnant & Lactating Dog 400g (100g x 4) Dog Powder Milk

  • Improves milk production
  • Increases survival rate of puppies
  • Prevents occurrence of milk fever
  • Gut- friendly & highly digestible
  • Enhances body defense against diseases
  • Provides fast-acting energy source

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As a complementary nutritional and energy supplement to support the essential requirements of bitches at early stage of pregnancy; especially during lactation period to enhance the milk production, promote faster recovery and improve the health, immunity and development of both the dam and its nursing puppies.


Modified milk protein casein and whey proteins; Dried egg protein ;Dextrose and  Maltodextrin; Calcium glutamate; Phospholipids; Modified vegtables oils DHA and EPA; Linoleic Acid; Oleic Acid; Monosodium Phosphate; Chealated Zinc; D-Alpha tocopherols; Chicken flavor; Natural Antioxidants.

Nutrient Analysis:
  • Energy - 380 kcal/ 100grams

  • Protein - 18%

  • Fat - 22%

  • PUFA - 6%

  • Oleic Acid - 3%

  • Omega 6 - 3%

  • Calcium - 3%

  • Av. Phos - 0.7%


Mode of Action



Help fat digestion and support liver detoxification

Better digestion of fats from food and improved nutrient utilization


Help the regeneration of liver cells and intestinal repair

Stronger immune system and gut health


Scavenge free radicals and alleviate stress

More resistant against diseases


Synergistically work with calcium, provide muscle sustenance enhance immunity

Stronger bone, less muscle fatigue and better subsequent fertility

Usage & Dosage:


Small Breed

Medium Breed

Large Breed

From 42 days of pregnancy until whelping

20 grams twice daily

40 grams twice daily

60 grams twice daily

From whelping until 4 weeks of lactation

40 grams twice daily

60 grams twice daily

80 grams twice daily

Dosage indication can be lowered if the litter size is fewer (<6) by 10 grams per feeding. Milky Bitch can be added with small amount of clean water until gravy consistency before top dressing to encourage appetence.



  • STORAGE:  Store at temperature 20-30 C


Reconstituted mixture should be kept refrigerated and must be consumed within 24 hours. Not for human being feeding. For veterinary use only. You may consult your veterinarian before use.

How to Prepare Milky Bitch:

  • On a scheduled feeding time, prepare the Milky Bitch Nutrient-boosting formula.

  • Pour the powder on top of food following the quantity according to the feeding table below.

  • Feed to lactating dogs.

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